Faculty and students in CDIS are actively involved in several areas of research.  View each researcher's page or lab website for more details about their work and how to get involved.


kaipa ramesh 300 crop

Dr. Ramesh Kaipa 

Motor Speech Lab

Dr. Kaipa’s research focuses on the motor aspects of speech production. He investigates the outcomes of different treatments designed to improve speech production. His outcome measures include electrophysiological (electromyography and electroencephalography) and behavioral (acoustic) measures.


  sabiha parveen 300  

Dr. Sabiha Parveen 

        Adult Neuro and SOTL Research Lab

Dr. Parveen investigates the effects of speech and cognitive treatment programs in adult neurogenic disorders including Parkinson disease, quality of life issues of people with neurogenic disorders and their families, and scholarship of teaching and learning (SOTL) in the field of Communication Sciences and Disorders. 

  richtsmeoer peter 300  

Dr. Peter Richtsmeier 

Phon Farm 

Dr. Richtsmeier conducts research on phonological learning in children and adults. With children, his current studies examine 1) factors that contribute to the development and persistence of phonological errors, especially in children with speech sound disorder, and 2) factors that allow children to be more accurate speakers. With adults, current studies examine 1) factors that allow adults to learn phonological patterns, and 2) the basic cognitive skills required for phonological learning.


  V. Freeman crop  

Dr. Valerie Freeman 

Sociophonetics Lab

Dr. Freeman studies how acoustic-phonetic aspects of speech production and sociolinguistic perception vary with social factors like regional dialect, stance-taking, and hearing status. Her current work investigates the lived experiences and social quality of life of d/Deaf and hard-of-heraing people, including how they are perceived socially when others hear their speech. Her other projects examine remote data collection methods, regional vowel mergers, and ways to train abled native speakers to better understand accented and pathologized speech. 

  Y. Zhang crop3  

Dr. Yu Zhang 

Dr. Zhang's work concerns speech perception.

  roha kaipa  

Dr. Roha Kaipa 

Language Learning Lab

Dr. Kaipa examines the effect of bilingualism/multilingualism on language learning, language processing and language production. Her outcome measures include electrophysiological (electromyography & electroencephalography) and behavioral measures.