Cowboy Camp Aphasia Camp

Cowboy Aphasia Camp has been offered in the OSU-Tulsa Clinic for every summer since 2015.  The camp is designed to give graduate clinicians experience in working with individuals who have aphasia while at the same time offering time-limited, intense language based experiences for people with aphasia.   Activities are centered on a Life Participation Approach to Aphasia.  Activities range from 1:1 conversational exchanges to group communication interactions to more holistic activities such as art, music, and animal assisted therapy.  Camp is scheduled daily for one week, from 9 to 3.  In total, 18 clinician/PWA teams have successfully participated in Cowboy Aphasia Camp over the past 3 years.  Preliminary research focused on quality of life outcomes shows that as a result of camp participation, participants perceive improved quality of communication life as measured by the ASHA Quality of Communication Life Scale.


 Cowboy aphasia 1