The CDIS Minor is offered for students who are interested to know more about the professions of SLP and Audiology. The minor is also intended to benefit students who are receiving training in early childhood education, special education, or trainee teachers to know more about speech and language development and disorders. This will help them to identify kids with speech and language deficits in their classes and make appropriate referrals to SLP and audiologists. 

  • CDIS 2033- Deaf Communication & Education
  • CDIS 2313 – Introduction to Communication Disorders
  • CDIS 2223 – Speech and Language Development
  • CDIS 3113 – Communication Disorders in Children*
  • CDIS 3123 – Audiology Diagnosis

*CDIS 2313 and CDIS 2223 are pre-requisites for CDIS 3113

Minimum grade and/or GPA for minor courses: 2.75 GPA and a grade of “C” or higher