NSSLHA Tulsa Campus

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The OSU-Tulsa NSSLHA group is creating great opportunities for its members and the community on the Tulsa Campus!  The three elected officers are planning for the 2015-16 school year with new activities and meeting topics.  The group’s focus is particularly on educating undergrad and graduate students about communication disorders through a variety of guest speakers and support of various philanthropic projects.  Each spring, the OSU-Tulsa NSSLHA hosts the Walk for Aphasia. Money raised goes towards funding Cowboy Aphasia Camp. This camp is a week-long intensive therapy camp for people with Aphasia. The camp is held the first week of the summer at the OSU-Tulsa campus. Great things are happing with OSU-Tulsa NSSLHA! 

Tulsa NSSLHA Officers (2015-2016)

President Krista Jennings
Vice President Caitlyn Postoak
Secretary Nereyda Gijon