Roha Kaipa, Ph.D.

Roha KaipaAssistant Professor

Contact Information

Oklahoma State Universit
Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders
017 Murray Hall
Stillwater, OK 74078


Ph.D., Oklahoma State University, (2018)
M.S., Oklahoma State University, (2015)
M.S., University of Mangalore, India (2012)
B.S., University of Bangalore, India (2010)

Courses Taught

Introduction to Communication Disorders
Communication Disorders in Children
Cleft Palate

Research interests

I am interested in the effects of multilingual language learning, language processing and language production, speech and language skills in typical and disordered populations (separation anxiety disorder, learning disability), and also application of principles of motor learning in typical populations and individuals with neuro-motor disorders.

Language Learning Lab


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Kaipa, R., & Kaipa, R. M. (2017). Role of constant, random and blocked practice in an electromyography-based oral motor learning task. Journal of Motor Behavior. Advance online publication. doi: 10.1080/00222895.2017.1383226

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